About Us

At gmme marketing inc. we are a wholistic franchise solution provider. We design and implement from Branding which includes logos, product design, custom websites, all the way to Interior Design.

What does Targeted Sales Marketing mean?

We just don't want to create just a website or just do branding which looks good.

We want to provide you with the right tools and softwares which are exclusive to gmme which directly impacts the growth of your company, respectively impact positive sales and revenue generation.


– Employee Training
-Videos on how to make a specific item

Franchise Checklist
  1. Brand Mapping
  2. Feasibility
  3. Operations
  4. Marketing Collaterals
  5. Architectural & Engineering
  6. Custom Website Integration with ERP and CRM solutions.

GMME Hospital Management

Hautomate is a leading provider of ready-to-deploy, industry-focused application software and services for hospital, clinics, pharmacy and laboratory etc,. our products are developed based on our technical knowledge and in-depth understanding of industry demands and the client’s requirements, thereby bringing improved productivity to our customers. Through continued investments in research & development, we help our customers harness the benefits of leading-edge technology and grow in their organizations.


A leader in providing the best product and services for our clients. Our client also implicitly trust us for all their support...


Vision - It is our policy to employ self-driven, creative, dedicated and talented individuals to be part of a growing and dynamic ...


We believe in the right partnerships with the right people. While we're proud to call all our clients 'partners', ...