Franchise ERP & CRM Integrated Solutions

The Why?

At gmme marketing inc. we are a wholistic franchise solution provider. We design and implement from Branding which includes logos, product design, custom websites, all the way to Interior Design.

Having information and providing visibility into both frontend and backend systems increases productivity and simplifies business process.

With CRM and ERP integration, organizations can focus more on driving new business and less on the hassles of trying to make data available.

We have partnered with industry’s leading SCM consultants to outline and simplify supply chain of an organization and translate to technology.

– Employee Training
-Videos on how to make a specific item

Franchise Checklist
  1. Brand Mapping
  2. Feasibility
  3. Operations
  4. Marketing Collaterals
  5. Architectural & Engineering
  6. Custom Website Integration with ERP and CRM solutions.

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