Franchise Operations Manual

One of the most important steps that any business can take as they prepare for expansion, and in particular, franchising, is to create a Franchise Operations Manual.

The most consistently successful type of business is a franchise. Well-known examples include McDonald's, The Body Shop and Cash Generator. These brands offer a consistent customer experience – no matter where they are opened or who runs them. The reason...These businesses have a Franchise Operations Manual which allows new franchisees to learn the internal processes to deliver a consistently good product or service. This includes everything you need to know to run that particular business, from hiring employees through to marketing and sales.

The Benefits of a Franchise Operations Manual

A well-documented Franchise Operations Manual can help both the franchisor and franchisee do several things:


  • Clearly identify the total knowledge that you have accumulated in your business
  • Lay solid foundations for future growth
  • Make your business more valuable
  • Create a standard for your franchise


  • Focus on perfecting the product or service while employees do the day-to-day tasks
  • Hire staff with relatively little experience, as they can follow the tasks as outlined in the Franchise Operations Manual
  • Focus on marketing and sales
  • Deliver a high level of customer service

The next step, therefore, is to create your Franchise Operations Manual. A professionally written manual will ensure that your existing operation is best equipped to follow your proven business systems and procedures, and transfer them to franchisees.With over 30 years’ experience in this field, we would therefore like to take this opportunity to invite you to one of our offices so that you can see first-hand the quality of Operations and Training Manuals that have been produced over the years.This is also an opportunity to learn from open discussions with our franchise consultants and manual writers as to how you could best proceed from where you are towards achieving your business development goals.


Phase Three – Franchise Recruitment

Central to any Franchise Development Programme is the recruitment of suitable franchisees. With years of experience in dealing with both franchisees and franchisors across a wide spectrum, GMME franchise consultants are well-equipped to help identify the most cost-effective strategy.

Publications and Websites
We will recommend all relevant channels through which to generate franchise interest.

Our skill and expertise offered is second to none in assisting businesses to grow and prosper through franchising. A professional approach, coupled with a complete range of quality services, has resulted in the successful creation of many new franchise businesses, the significant global expansion of established networks and the introduction of numerous franchisees to profitable and rewarding opportunities. For a business seeking to obtain membership of the British Franchise Association (bfa), and Canadian Franchise Association (cfa) the construction of the franchise must be performed with the requirements of its charter in mind.