Why Strategy?

Whether an established brand looking to take market share with the launch of a new product or service to an innovative new startup looking to disrupt the norm, every company is battling for valuable consumers. A cohesive brand strategy brings together the techniques, talent and technologies that help you gain marketplace momentum. At Gmme Marketing, our focus is on delivering the brainpower, creative muscle and performance focused strategy to drive results.

Brand Identity

We believe that a brand is more than just the representation of who you are – it is who you are and who you aspire to be. Our brand strategy report will analyze your current brand identity and competitive landscape to define your brand story, design identity, digital assets and communication narrative.

Digital Marketing

The new global marketplace is allowing brands to merge digital and traditional sales and marketing to create a global customer base. We provide an innovative approach to defining your digital marketing strategy from social media, demand generation, brand awareness and digital advertising channels.

Website Audit

Technology is changing every aspect of our lives from both a business and consumer perspective. The changing landscape is providing major opportunities for forward thinking brand and entrepreneurs. Gmme Marketing, will audit your current website and provide a your strategic roadmap for achieving your goals.

Social Media

To capture the attention of a changing demographic, social media marketing will require an adaptive and innovative approach. Businesses are utilizing custom content to drive brand awareness, demand generation and unique customer engagement. Whether you are just starting out or want to enhance your social media marketing, Gmme Marketing will develop a strategy and create the process for maximizing your social reach and connect with new customers.

Demand Generation

Developing a new demand generation infrastructure is a critical step in reaching your full digital marketing potential. Building the foundation, creating content and connecting with targeted customers will drive meaningful lead generation and brand awareness to your potential audience. Gmme Marketing will define your strategy and create the process for achieving your goals.

Content Creation

By 2020, more than 80% of all media will be consumed digitally. Building or tapping an existing community will be instrumental for driving brand awareness, harnessing customer passion, attracting visitors and increasing buyer confidence. Gmme Marketing will define your content strategy, setting the foundation to achieve your goals.

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